Upgrading your Subscription

Do you want to increase the accessibility of your Tinseltown Dentists listing? Then, think about upgrading to a Featured Listing or Homepage Featured Listing marketing subscription.


Access Your Tinseltown Dentists Account


After clicking "Sign in" on the Tinseltown Dentists homepage, enter your login credentials to continue.



Find Your Tinseltown Dentists Listing


Click "User," "Dashboard," and "Listings" to find your Tinseltown Dentists listing. Next, click your name (not edit) to view your listing.



Reclaim Your Tinseltown Dentists Listing


Click on the "Claim Listing" link located below your address to see the different marketing plans available.



Pick Your Marketing Subscription Upgrade


Evaluate the different marketing plans and find the one that fits your needs. To proceed, click "Select This Plan" in the corresponding box.



Pay For Your Marketing Subscription Upgrade


Tinseltown Dentists offers secure transactions via Stripe. After verifying your subscription, click "Pay with Card."



Next, enter your credit card and email address before clicking "Pay."



If you need any assistance, the Tinseltown Dentists team is here to help.