Creating Your Listing

Create your Tinseltown Dentists listing and make your practice more accessible to prospective patients. Get started today by following these easy steps.


Note: Tinseltown Dentists contains thousands of active listings; therefore, it is wise to perform a search first to claim your listing.


Tinseltown Dentists Listing


Register or sign in to your Tinseltown Dentists account. Then, click "User" and "Dashboard" on the homepage.


Next, in the left column, click on "Create Listing."



Review the available dental marketing plans to discover which best suits your practice. Click "Select" in the appropriate box to continue.



It's now time to personalize the Tinseltown Dentists directory. Give patients as much detail as possible, so they can get to know your practice and feel comfortable choosing you.




Your geolocation is an essential aspect of your dental listing. Simply put, people can find your practice. More complex, Google can use your geolocation to rank your practice higher in their "near me" search results.


You have two choices when adding your geolocation information. Either, enter your address in the map's search bar. Or, find your practice on the map and click to drop a pin.



General Practice


To create a comprehensive dental listing, complete each section.



Dentist Name

Enter your prefix, full name, and any credentials.


Dental Practice Name

Enter your legal business name, which should be consistent across all digital directories such as Google My Business and Yelp. Consistency is key to strengthening your brand. Try our free scanning tool to see how consistent your practice looks online.



You can continue to build your brand by adding a logo to your Tinseltown Dentists listing. A headshot is also acceptable if you don't already have a logo. Click on the "Upload Logo" button to attach your image.



Enter your physical office address. To help people locate you, include the additional fields (cross-street and neighborhood) provided by Tinseltown Dentists. Next, enter the first letter of your city and then select it from the autofill options.


Phone Numbers

Give patients contact numbers for your office phone and WhatsApp, if available.


Descriptions, Website, Social Media



Short Description and Description

Give your patients an overview of your practice via the short description field. Then continue with more details, including your philosophies, via the description field.



Email is another essential contact method for patients. Therefore, include your email address in your Tinseltown Dentists listing.


Social Media

Although you used the description field to provide your practice details, it may not fit everything. Add additional resources, such as your business website and social media links (with the HTTP:// HTTPS:// prefix).


Dental Specialization

Choose your preferred area in dentistry from the dropdown.



Enter your business hours and days of the week so patients know if your hours work with their schedules.


Additional Information



State and License Number

Please enter your license number and the state where it was issued. This information can be used by patients to verify your licensing status.


Additional Information

This section will be valuable to patients who are looking for specific criteria. These key points allow patients to make informed decisions.


Enhanced Media



Upload your dental practice's photos and videos to your Tinseltown Dentists listing.



Use "Browse" to search for and upload photos showing your dental practice's best features.



Have you used YouTube or Vimeo for marketing video promotion? Then include them in your Tinseltown Dentists listing as well. Copy and paste the streaming links. Click "+" to attach.



After completing all details for your Tinseltown Dentists listing, click "Submit."


How Did You Make Out?


To view your complete Tinseltown Dentists listing, return to your dashboard and click on "Listings." Also, take this time to check all details and make sure your listing is error-free.



No Time to Create a Tinseltown Dentists Listing?


Are you ready to start today but haven't time for the busy work? It's okay! Tinseltown Dentists can help you. Only one step is required; establish your dental marketing plan while registering for your Tinseltown Dentists account. Then, inform us so we can set up an impactful listing for your practice.