Claiming Your Listing

Tinseltown Dentists strives to provide accurate listings that make it easy for people to locate you and your practice.  Therefore, the appropriate person must claim the basic directory listings before making any alterations.

To optimize your listing's visibility on Tinseltown Dentists, ensure your basic listing is claimed and up-to-date.  

Log in or Register a Tinseltown Dentists Account


Start by finding the sign-in link in the top right corner of the homepage. This link will allow you to continue, regardless if you already have a Tinseltown Dentists account or not.



To log in to your Tinseltown Dentists account, enter your email address and password, and click on the sign-in button.


To register for a Tinseltown Dentists account, click on register next to "Need an Account?" at the bottom of the sign-in page. Then the "create an account" page will appear. Here you'll enter your name, email address, and password. To continue, click on "register."



Search For Your Basic Listing


Next, determine if your basic listing exists within the hundreds of dental professionals on the Tinseltown Dentists directory. Do so by using the homepage search bar and typing your name. Then click search.



If you find your basic listing doesn't exist, create a Tinseltown Dentists directory listing.


Select Your Basic Listing From Results


Tinseltown Dentists displays search results depending upon the relevancy of the words you have entered into the search bar. Find and click on your name to view the full listing details.



Claim Your Basic Listing


This page will allow you to see the current listing information in the Tinseltown Dentists directory. To proceed, click "claim listing" found under your address.



Pick Your Marketing Subscription Plan


Tinseltown Dentists has different marketing subscription plans for different budget levels. These plans can be purchased annually or monthly (for a discounted price). Click on "select this Plan" to pick the preferred marketing subscription plan for your dental practice.



Submit Marketing Subscription Plan Payment


Stripe allows Tinseltown Dentists to receive quick and secure payments. Before clicking "pay with card," please confirm the displayed details of your preferred marketing subscription plan.



Finally, enter your email address and a valid credit card. To submit payment, click on "pay."



Directory Verification Process


Tinseltown Dentists administrators receive notification about your listing request once you submit payment. They will, in turn, contact you to confirm the details of your request.


Once verified, your Tinseltown Dentists listing can be customized as needed.


We hope this guide was helpful; however, we are available to assist if you still have questions.